Performance Anxiety

Many athletes who perform well during training or practice can suffer from performance anxiety on game day.  If feelings of nervousness, anxiety or fear interfere with your sports performance or competitions you may need help getting your anxiety under control so you can perform at your optimum.

Musicians, actors, and speakers can also have performance anxiety, frequently called “stage fright”.  When this anxiety becomes severe enough to interfere with a performance or speaking engagement, counseling especially Brainspotting and EMDR can help you attain regular performance without extreme stress and anxiety.

Felicia Snell uses Brainspotting Therapy, EMDR techniques and holistic techniques to help boost performance and push past the anxiety that holds you back. Brainspotting Therapy that can help you have the best race of your life, a charged speech at a meeting, or play the concert of your dreams. 

Performance Anxiety work can help you:

  • Understand how fears and anxiety about your performance can be alleviated
  • Ease phobias and reduce feelings of worry
  • Learn effective problem solving techniques
  • Learn effective ways to ground yourself to stay calm
  • Learn to effectively visualize your successful performance
  • Overcome phobias and panic attacks