Spiritual Growth

At Sunstone Center, we realize that every person comes from and with their own set of beliefs and religious orientation.  We feel it is our responsibility to respect your beliefs and to try and meet you where you are.  Although Felicia Snell is a Christian, she had experience coaching and counseling those of all practices.

Spiritual growth is a great experience for everyone involved.  Each person’s spiritual journey is unique.  Learning to live from your spiritual center is an adventure into a somewhat known, somewhat unknown maze.  We help guide you through the maze to discover unknown strengths and to help build known strengths to their best.

If you are looking for direction to help you sort out your own spiritual beliefs or to deepen the spiritual aspects of your life, we can help you here at Sunstone Center.   We use a variety of books and tools to help you recover whatever personal dilemmas you are currently facing.

At Sunstone Center, we walk our talk.  You’ll find we are passionate and care deeply about your success.  We are skilled in accessing our intuition in working with you, as you work towards building your own ability to tap yours own intuition.