Women’s Issues

Women often struggle with mild depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties or report that they just “don’t feel happy”.  Often times these are during particular life transition times, such as starting a family, having children start school, going through menopause, becoming an empty nester, facing job changes or retirement.  When something feels out of balance in a woman’s life, our holistic perspectives will help you walk a new path to physical, emotional and spiritual renewal.

Coaching can help a woman:

  • bring more joy into life
  • heal old hurts and wounds
  • forgive others or yourself
  • manage mild anxiety or depression
  • learn new ways of self care using the mind, body, and spirit connection
  • examine unrealistic expectations and create more realistic goals for life
  • examine negative & faulty thought patterns and habits, and establish new thought patterns to set you up for success!
  • let go of thoughts and feelings that are holding you back in the form of regrets, bitterness, and resentment
  • learn to express emotions and feelings in a healthy way